Style Me Green

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I’m Erika, an interior designer with a passion for graphic design, calligraphy, and painting. Welcome to Style Me Green my little corner of the internet.

I grew up running through potato fields in Southern Idaho with my best friend, our family tabby cat.  On more than one occasion I may have been guilty of rearranging the neighbors furniture, while babysitting. I had a bit of an identity crisis in college, and on my way to becoming the first woman President, I got side tracked and ended up with duel degrees in Political Science and Interior Design. I spent time in New York City working for the king of color, Jamie Drake, and when I wasn't designing spaces, I was honing my skills as a graphic designer- which I soon realized to be my second love. In search of a quieter life I found a home in the mountain resort community of Sun Valley, Idaho, where I live it up with my forestry ski buff, and our two bossy cats.

I started the Style Me Green blog in 2011 as a place to simply share our sustainable lifestyle, but over time, it developed into something so much more.  Now, it has evolved into a mix of all the things that inspire me including: DIY projects, interiors, recipes, and my latest graphic design projects.  When I'm not blogging and designing I enjoy rummaging through antique shops, or searching local flea markets for undiscovered treasures.

You can visit my shop or browse through the services tab to see more of my work. If you would like to work with me, have a question, or would just like to say hello, you can email me at I am available for custom work and collaborations. 

Photo by Ray J Gadd