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2016 Free Printable Calendar

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The 2015 Calendar Printable was such a huge hit, and I’m so glad so many of you have downloaded and love it. For the 2016 Calendar, I created a few new designs that I hope you’ll like! I wanted to keep the same format as last year's calendar, but with a clean modern feel. (Click image to download) I hope everyone has a great new year! We are trying to incorporate some new "resolutions" this year, simplifying our lives, streamlining work responsibilities so we can spend more time outdoors, and working on our fitness. Do you have any resolutions you are trying out this year?

2015 Printable Calendar

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I organized my office this weekend and realized I still hadn't changed my calendar. There's no better time than the present, so I sat down and whipped this one up really quickly. Better late than never, here's the 2015 Free Printable Calendar. It is formatted to an 11x17 size. I've made it available in the plain white and with the paint speckles. You can download them by clicking the following links. 2015 Plain Calendar or 2015 Speckled Calendar. 


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Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays. I love making cute desserts, putting together fun cards, and pink is one of my favorite hues- so naturally this holiday combines so many of my favorite things. Last year's Valentine treats were a disaster to say the least, thanks pinterest... So this year I've decided to make these great sugar cookies from Julie Blanner, and print out these fun little printable Valentines for all my co-workers. Let's hope it turns out fingers crossed. In the mean time, I wanted to share with you the new cards and printables I came up with for Valentine's Day! The image below shows the new 2015 cards that I just added to the shop. You can view the rest of the Valentine's cards here. Or if you want to pass around some Valentines of your own you can see all of our printable cards here.