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When we moved into our new apartment I had found/re-purposed almost everything we needed in the way of furniture- except a coffee table. For us its one of the most important pieces. We use the coffee table as a desk, ottoman, bench, and although we hate to admit it sometimes a dining table. I had seen a few pallets in the industrial part of town and I knew that they would make the perfect coffee table. So here's what we did, and when I say we I mean, I stood by and cheered and did some sanding.

We kept the basic structure of one pallet and used the boards from two to fill in the spaces. Now we couldn't get everything to fit perfectly so we ended up removing all the top boards and re-positioning them to fit along the table. Then I sanded down all of the rough edges.

We reattached some boards to the underside so that we could have little cubbies to hide magazines and remotes. For the legs we used some basic turned legs you can find online or at your nearest hardware store. (but don't forget to buy the metal mounting brackets- like some people we know...) We attached the legs to some 2x4 squares we cut to give the table about 2 more inches in height.

It ended up being pretty heavy, too heavy for me to move alone so we added some casters- you know so I could have dance parties on the weekend and do Pilates. Once it was finished we added one coat of stain to all the legs and the top. A tip when using stain- lighter is better, you can always add multiple coats. We used some leftovers so we added one coat to the unfinished wood and it soaked it up well. Here's how it turned out!

I'd love to see what you can make with pallets, send me some links in the comments section!!