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natural teeth whitening recipes

I have two go-to methods for natural teeth whitening at home. Both were passed down from my grandma, she knows where its at y'all. They are great if you have sensitive teeth, plus you can avoid the high price tag that comes with at-home whitening kits. Most people don't realize that the chemicals in most commercial whitening kits, can actually harm your teeth and gums. 


To whiten with lemon and salt, just stir up a solution of three parts lemon juice and one part salt, and swish. Be careful not to swallow the solution, it doesn't taste amazingly fantastic believe it or not.

If you have sensitive teeth, or an open sore in your mouth this rinse may be too strong for you. Pay attention and use your own best judgment.


If you want to boost your whitening power you can swish with hydrogen peroxide, and brush your teeth with a paste made from baking soda and water (separately don't combine these methods at the same time). I usually just wet my tooth brush and dip it into a small bit of baking soda, and whatever sticks to the brush is what I use to brush the top teeth with, then I rinse the brush and repeat for the bottom teeth.

Don't swallow hydrogen peroxide or baking soda either, I guarantee that's a bad idea.