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Cultivating an art collection can be expensive and take years to perfect. When you are selecting pieces for your home you should consider your decor, and choose pieces that you love that will last the test of time. You don't want to rush it. One day when I was in the craft store buying spray glue for a school project I overheard a young married couple selection posters and art prints. The wife would say things like, "Okay, now we need a three foot poster for above the couch." Then the husband would walk around an pick out some things and add it to their pile. They were literally checking off the pieces as they went. There was no rhyme or reason to what they were choosing, just pieces that they thought looked okay, and fit their empty wall spaces. A rule of thumb that I like to apply when selecting art is, don't purchase art from the same place that sells posters of babies dressed up like flowers.

I love simple landscapes, vintage ad prints, and colorful abstractions. I find that I can only afford to purchase pieces for my home about 2 or 3 times a year depending on their price and size. To get around the hefty price tag that comes with art investment, I have framed all sorts of things from art show postcards to vintage playing cards. Here are a few ideas to get you going on a great collection of your own. I generally start with a simple wooden frame and most pieces look great framed in black, white, or gold with simple white mats. The piece above is a large sheet of marble paper, framed in an ikea frame. Wallpaper scraps, wrapping paper, or even the front page of a news paper could make a great statement.

I love this idea from the blog, Young House Love. They took paint chips and arranged them creating an ombre effect. This is such a versatile idea, it can be done in any color scheme, or on any scale- large or small.


One of my friend's made this piece for her husband as a Valentine's gift. Finding inspirational quotes can be a great way to celebrate your family, or like this example keep you motivated. I bet he thinks of her every time he reads it.