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Winter is killing me right now, I have Spring fever like you can't imagine. John made fun of me the other day for taking a nap in the sun spot on the floor like a cat, its that bad. I have been trying to find simple ways to help combat the cold-month blues. One was getting my skin ready for spring! I love this simple DIY lotion recipe it only has 2 ingredients and its just about as natural as you can get. Coconut butter is an great moisturizer and promotes elasticity in skin, and extra virgin olive oil is filled with vitamin E. If you can't find coconut butter at your local market here is a great one.

homemade lotion recipe

All you have to do is mix two teaspoons of coconut butter and about 8-10 drops of extra virgin olive oil together in a bowl. Just apply a nice even layer anywhere your skin needs that added boost of moisture. I like to give my knees, elbows, and feet just a bit more attention. I like to make it in small amounts so that there isn't a lot left over. If you do have some extra, cover it and pop it in the fridge. (Be sure to label it, I have a whole shelf designated to beauty products in the fridge so John doesn't  accidentally eat my face masque or hair conditioner.)